About Single Edition Media

Single Edition Media delivers customized experiential and contextual marketing campaigns for brands seeking social exposure. We leverage our trusted network of influencers to create brand-inspired content and shareit across social channels in a timely and compelling manner. Creating conversation-worthy programs is our pride and the concept-to-completion services we provide to agencies and brands is what sets us apart.

Social Content Is Queen

Social Media is making a big impact on businesses. As much as social media has rapidly integrated itself into the business world, social media content creation and promotion is the most time consuming and daunting task faced by marketers and advertisers. Single Edition Media addresses the needs of businesses with lack of internal/external marketing support and/or which are new to the social media scene and are seeking turn-key solutions to develop and disseminate branded content across media platforms/networks. For marketers, we offers access to thousands of lifestyle influencers and a unique content marketing approach that sits between advertising and PR. In today’s social world we provide credibility via influencer reviews, testimonials and endorsements, as brands need advocates who can share their stories. Our team is always available to share insights or provide guidance. 

Brands With Whom We’ve Worked